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a leader must also have faith in the people she is to lead
to see good in them and raise them to higher achievement
through praise not condemnation, encouragement not criticism

Rt Rev'd Martyn Snow, Bishop of Leicester

Year 6 Leavers


2019 Year 6 Leaver’s Service


We were thrilled to welcome over 300 Year 6 Pupils to our Leaver’s Service in June 2019, only the second time of hosting this event and truly a success.  You can read about the event HERE


2020 Year 6 Leaver’s Service


We anticipate that the service will be even more popular in 2020 so to ensure it’s a great experience for everyone involved we are offering two dates, 11th June or 25th June, both starting at 10.30am.


You can book on to either event HERE


Resources for Supporting Moving to a Secondary School


Below are some links and resources that you might like to explore, perhaps as you think about your move to secondary school or when you are already there!

A short film you might want to have a look at about moving from primary to secondary school:


http://www.rejesus.co.uk/ Great for exploring faith (and helping with RE homework!!)

http://request.org.uk/ This site is great for exploring issues of faith




A couple of books you may find interesting:

The Teenage Prayer Experiment Notebook:


These are prayers ideas really tried out, and reviewed by young teens – highly recommended.


Follow me, by Ali Campbell:


Aimed at 11+ years this book considers the highs and lows of Peter's life and his relationship with Jesus, and how we can relate to Peter today.


A blog by Rev Miranda Threlfall-Holmes and her son, Noah,  all about praying.



Rev Miranda and Noah have also written a book:

Link to Amazon Here




More Books

It's your move: Your Guide to Moving to Secondary School, by Nick Harding

Going UP!: The No Worries Guide to Secondary School, Jenny Alexander

YP Guide to Starting Secondary School, 10 of Those


For Teachers:


Resources supporting the transition from Year 6 to Year 7