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a leader must also have faith in the people she is to lead
to see good in them and raise them to higher achievement
through praise not condemnation, encouragement not criticism

Rt Rev'd Martyn Snow, Bishop of Leicester

New Headteacher Induction Programme

All Headteachers that are new to our diocese are invited to take part in the DBE Induction Programme.



  • For Headteachers new to leadership of a Church school are supported in areas that LA / LPH induction does not cover.

  • For Headteachers to build relationships with partners within the diocesan structures e.g., other Church school heads, DBE team members, legal advisors, building advisors

  • For Headteachers to be supported in their leadership in line with the DBE’s vision for all Church schools across the diocese



The Induction Programme will run annually from September, heads joining at other times of the year will visited by DDE / ADDE and supported by them and the standard CPD programme until the following autumn when this programme will operate again.



A named DBE Associate (an experienced Headteacher of a CofE school) will contact the new headteachers and offer support via telephone / a visit where appropriate. This is not intended to replace any mentoring provided by a MAT or LPH, but to support new heads / interim heads in church schools.


Programme Elements:

  1. Welcome Meeting at St Martin’s House with DDE, Carolyn Lewis, ADDE, Yolanda Morley-McKay and Chair of the DBE.

  2. DDE Visit HT in School, Carolyn Lewis

  3. Admissions Training

  4. Afternoon workshops on:

    1. Governance & School Buildings, Carolyn Lewis / YMD Boon

    2. Values, Ethos & SIAMS, Angela Dewes & Sue Savage

    3. The Importance of Partnerships, Steve Roddy

    4. RE & Collective Worship, Fiona Moss  

  5. Full day a Launde Abbey titled - Loving Leadership, led by Carolyn Lewis & Yolanda Morley-McKay