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a leader must also have faith in the people she is to lead
to see good in them and raise them to higher achievement
through praise not condemnation, encouragement not criticism

Rt Rev'd Martyn Snow, Bishop of Leicester

Governors & Clergy

Governor Annual Return - Questions & Link

This year the governor annual return has a tight focus and is to be completed electronically.  The document above contains the questions and the online link.  We hope you this give you the opportunity to consider your answers prior to completing.


It is an expectation that the return is completed with the agreement of at least the Chair, headteacher and incumbent (or other Foundation Governor is this is in vacancy).


Deadline for return is 30th September

Further Information for Governors


Below are various pages with further information relating to governance in a church school.


Here is a link to a key document for Headteachers, Governors and Clergy working with a church school CLICK HERE


If you have any queries please email DBEOffice@LecCofE.org