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a leader must also have faith in the people she is to lead
to see good in them and raise them to higher achievement
through praise not condemnation, encouragement not criticism

Rt Rev'd Martyn Snow, Bishop of Leicester

Collective Worship at Home

Resources for KS1 & KS2 from Rev Alison Booker

Fischy Music

Fischy Music are providing a weekly assembly – YouTube link to first week is HERE follow them on Facebook to get links for future weeks and to comment etc.


Pop UK

Pop UK have made their ‘Kids at Home’ singing project free to anyone.  “Lift up your voice” - encourages children to experience happiness, hope and joy as they sing together.  HERE


Guildford Diocese

Guildford diocese have produced a set of acts of collective worship and prayers HERE


Rend Co Kids

Providing worship music for children HERE


Gloucester Diocese

Colleagues at Gloucester Diocese have produced a worksheet for households to use HERE

William & Lucy Resources from Canterbury Diocese


A colleague at Canterbury has written two books to support child led collective worship at home.  Book 1 – William and Lucy explore worship at home and Book 2 – William and Lucy tell Bible stories.


The books are free to download HERE

He's Got the Whole World in His Hands | Singalongs | Little Worship Company